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From MadLab we present a project that joins the world of video games and the well-known activities of EscapeRoom, creating a game that brings together both experiences taking advantage of their virtues.

Hidden Dose is a videojugabilistic experience that simulates an EscapeRoom where we are put in the skin of the concierge of a biochemical laboratory in which, because of an accident, a virus has been released and has been quarantined. We (the player) are inside and have been infected, so we have a limited time to find out what is happening to us and how we can heal ourselves.

Mechanically we are faced with a game of mystery and puzzles in first person in which our greatest antagonist is the stage. We must solve the different enigmas that we are encountering, know our surroundings and the incident to be able to escape. In addition, this is a non-linear experience in which mysteries can be solved in different order and it is not necessary to get all the clues and information to be able to complete it successfully. Each player faces the experience differently.

Language: Spanish.

  • Left Mouse Button - interact / pick up item.
  • Right Mouse Button - cancel/close.
  • WASD - move around.
  • I - open inventory.
  • Ctrl - crouch.

Visit our web page: http://madlab.webcindario.com/ 

Install instructions

Download the file,

Extract all in the same folder.




HiddenDose_windows.rar 187 MB
HiddenDose_MacOS.zip 237 MB


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